Kate to Cressida: You’re Not Good Enough for Harry!

Kate Middleton isn’t welcoming Prince Harry’s girlfriend into the family.


Fierce Protector

“Harry is smitten with Cressida and wants to marry her,” says a royal inside, “but Kate is afraid he’ll get hurt.”

As she and Prince Harry spent a relaxing weekend at the queen’s country estate in October, well-bred Cressida Bonas fit in perfectly with the royal family. Since a weekend at Sandringham is considered a rite of passage for every royal bride-to-be, it showed that the fun-loving pair are very serious. “Harry is head over heels in love with Cressida,” says a royal insider. “He’s getting ready to propose.”

But one family member has yet to be won over by the pretty blond dancer: harry’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. “She doesn’t think Cressida’s the right girl for him,” reveals a royal insider. “He wants to settle down and have kids. Kate worries that Cressida is too young and wild for Harry.”

The Wrong Woman?

Kate’s feelings are understandable. At 24, party fixture Cressida is five years younger than Harry, who turns 30 next fall. And with Kate assuming a big-sister role with Harry ever since she married his brother, William, she’s determined to look out for him. “She is incredibly protective of Harry,” the insider notes. “Kate just doesn’t know if Cressida has what it takes to be a royal wife. Cressy has this free-spirit vibe about her and finds all the attention of being Harry’s girlfriend hard to deal with.”

For Kate, adjusting to fame took time, but she handled it with grace and dignity – and always knew it was worth it to be with the man she loves. “Harry works hard trying to convince Cressida that a future with him in the spotlight won’t be a nightmare, and it concerns Kate,” the insider notes. “Harry shouldn’t have to persuade Cressida to be his wife. She should want to be with him!”

Kate’s ill will toward Cressida makes sense for another, more personal reason, too: She has a history with the Bonas family. In 2007, when Kate and William were on a break, the prince briefly dated Cressida’s half sister, Isabella. “She brought Kate so much heartache,” says the insider.

Getting Along

If Harry and Cressida wind up together, it could make for a lot of awkward holiday gatherings. Always the peacemaker, William is trying to smooth things over. “He just wants Kate to give Cressida a chance,” says the insider, “for his brother’s sake.”


Wild at Heart

“Kate thinks Harry needs a woman with a sense of fun, but also a sensible side,” the insider says. She fears Cressida’s an It Girl with little substance.


Fashion Showdown: Cressida’s the Anti-Kate


Casual-Wear Clash



Red-Carpet Rivals


Even Kate’s relaxed look – a Smythe blazer and Ralph Lauren top – is pretty formal, while Cressida dresses way down in overalls. At events, Kate, here in a Jenny Packham gown, opts for classic elegance. Cressida prefers more vibrant, cutting-edge outfits.
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